Recording America is an investigation into American architecture, generating a multimedia archive of photographs and videos, as well as maps, interviews, essays, exhibitions and lectures. With a main interest in the relation between architecture, society, subculture and media between the post-war era and today, R.A. tries to draw a connection between the history of building in the US and issues relevant for today’s society in America and beyond. The platform presents the ongoing research since 2014. Engaging with people, projects and places in a subjective and Gonzo-esque approach, R.A presents a contemporary chronicle of America, which in retrospect can help understand the interest of this time. R.A. is rooted in academic and historical research and at the same time makes use of stylistic devices taken from everyday photography, media art and New Journalism. R.A. is an attempt to communicate the cultural value of American architecture/architecture in America within the discipline itself and outside its boundaries.




last update: 11-18-2021