Recording America
an unscripted investigation into the culture of US-architecture

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Recording America is a research-based investigation into American architecture, generating a web-accessible catalogue of photographs and films as well as maps, interviews, essays, exhibitions and lectures, with roots in academic research and a subjective approach inspired by photography, media art and New Journalism.

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Recording America investigates American architecture, generating a web-accessible and interactive multimedia catalogue. With the main interest in the relation between architecture, society and subculture between the post-war period until today, R.A. tries to draw a connection between the history of building in the US and issues relevant for society in America and beyond today. The goal is to gain awareness for and draw a picture of a broad spectrum of architecture in America, trying to understand its place in history and relevance today. The crucial idea is to engage with people, projects and places in a subjective and Gonzo-esque approach to ensure a contemporary chronicle of America, which in retrospect can help understand the interest of this time.

Since 2014 Ellena Ehrl and Tibor Bielicky have collaborated on various projects in different scales ranging between architecture, urbanism, design, publication, exhibition, and research. In addition to their work as practicing architects they both teach at ETH Zurich, created the research platform Recording America and publish print- and multimedia content connected to their self-initiated, multidisciplinary research on architecture, urbanism and subculture.